NF Research


Amazing research is happening at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for Nuerofibromatosis (NF).  Links for Lauren supports the research happening right now to learn more about NF and hopefully help those with NF live long, pain-free lives.  Learn more about the research below:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is poised to become a cutting edge research participant, leveraging their strength in collaborative research to compliment and advance NF research worldwide.  

Currently, researchers at UW-Madison are creating the only large animal model to study not only the tumorigenic aspects of NF, but also the cognitive and social aspects of the disease.  Translatability of NF1 basic research and the development and validation of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for clinical use can be accelerated by the utilization of this preclinical model that closely resemble humans in biology and size. The genetic proximity of the swine to human, and the overwhelming anatomical, physiological and pathophysiological similarities, make swine the ideal preclinical model of NF1. In particular, swine (next to non-human primates) are the most human-like neurological models and display a very human-like progression of early brain development.

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